DFG Analytics

DFG Analytics is the only independent source of data on the delivery of Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) in England. It provides an essential framework to review the efficiency and effectiveness of your services.

Our service provides affordable, reliable and robust statistical information for you to evaluate your service:

• Are we spending more or less than others?
• How many DFGs are we completing?
• How quickly are we processing applications to approval?
• For every £ spent what social value are we generating?
• What savings are we making for national and local Government as a result?
• How do we compare with meeting Better Care Fund priorities?
• What is my DFG score combing Expenditure, Completions, Operations, and Outcomes?

DFG Analytics will ensure that you have access to this information, and are able to use it to help make the correct decision and manage your resources more effectively to deliver better outcomes.

Start improving your DFG delivery from as little as £1,250 per local authority area (with discounts available for multiple districts). Contact Paul for more info.