Gas Safety Week 2018 and new bidding round launches for FILT

Monday saw the launch of Gas Safety Week 2018 which is all about raising awareness around the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances. 
Now in it's 8th year, the campaign aims to spread the word to the public about how they can stay safe in their homes. The website has lots of resources, case studies and quick tips for clients. There are also lots of promotional materials online for you to help spread the word. You can find these at to download their pack which includes posters, social media images and other useful materials.

Foundations Independent Living Trust champions gas safety and, funded by Gas Safe Charity, are currently working with over 40 agencies to continue their delivery of gas safety interventions in people’s homes. FILT is now into its 7th year of partnership with Gas Safe Charity, working to ensure that gas intervention work can be delivered quickly and effectively to the most vulnerable households across the country through HIAs. 
Each agency is allocated a small pot to administer interventions. In 2017-2018, over 1750 interventions took place with over 2000 different measures ranging from gas safety checks, through to contributions towards replacing dangerous boilers. This amounted to over £320k worth of support from Gas Safe Charity.

We are pleased to launch a new bidding round thanks to additional funds from Gas Safe Charity, to allow more agencies to utilise this scheme. Once allocated, the funds will be available for agencies to use throughout the year on gas safety interventions. Have a look at the difference these interventions can make here.
We would really like to see new applications coming in from new areas to expand the already excellent gas safety intervention work being undertaken by agencies.
The deadline for applications is 5pm Friday 12th October.
To apply you can download the application form on our website or call Rebecca at FILT on 0300 124 0316 for information. You can also email