The Collaborative HIA

What is the collaborative home improvement agency?

  • It can respond to the varied agendas of different groups of commissioners; HIAs may be called on to augment DFG delivery, even if previously not involved, as well as delivering on the new Care Act duties of ensuring wellbeing, giving care-related advice and information, and prevention.
  • It can play a much more comprehensive role in achieving successful and sustainable transitions between acute care settings and the home; for health trusts and clinical commissioning groups, HIAs already provide ‘home-readying’ services to ease hospital discharges, prevent re-admission, and provide the means to better self-manage health conditions. 
  • It argues for a scaling up of HIA activity to address the increase in numbers of older people, including self-funders, who need assistance; HIAs can help local authorities to shape and improve the market of products and services aimed at maintaining independence in the home. 

Our report The Collaborative HIA shows that many HIAs are already collaborating successfully, and encourages HIA service providers to examine what they do well but could do better in partnership, with whom they can collaborate successfully, how they can learn from examples provided, and successfully position themselves as the ‘go-to’ services for healthy ageing in place.

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Good practice examples:

Warmer Homes, Advice and Money - A collaboration between the Centre for Sustainable Energy, West of England Care & Repair and Talking Money.

If you have any examples you'd like to share with us, please contact Francis Philippa.