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Nicholls & Clarke is a business dedicated to the manufacturing, distribution & supply of the finest building materials. Founded in 1875 in London, we have grown from servicing the capitals’ building trades to becoming the largest privately owned national manufacturer and distributor of fine quality building products throughout the U.K and internationally.

Need help to make adaptations to your own home?

As the National Body for Disabled Facilities Grants and Home Improvement Agencies Foundations provides a directory of local Home Improvement Agencies and a website to check how well your home meets your needs.

If you or someone you live with has a disability and is looking for help, these websites will help you to find where you can get help locally.

They also offer information about how to make your home safe and help you to find out if you are eligible for funding support from your local council.

If you require support accessing or using the websites or would like to know more you can contact us on: 0300 124 0315

You can also email us: [email protected]

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AdaptMyHome allows you to check how well your home supports your needs, and whether you could benefit from some adaptations to help you stay safe and independent.

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Need help with repairs or adaptations to your home? Visit this website to find your nearest Home Improvement Agency and details about how to get in touch.

Explore our upcoming events and training

Roadshow, DFG, HIA

DFG Champions Roadshow 2023: Liverpool

DFG Champions Roadshow 2023, The Liner Hotel, Liverpool.
Date: 18 October 2023
Location: The Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool L3 5QB
Meeting, DFG, HIA

East of England Managers Network Meeting

An introductory meeting - meet your new regional advisor and agree working agenda moving forward.
Date: 25th October 2023
Location: Online
Training, DFG

DFG Basics – Rules and Regulations

Foundations DFG Basics course will give you a better understanding when and how to use discretion, provide ideas to improve delivery systems and help you learn about common misunderstandings.
Date: 26 October 2023
Location: Microsoft Teams
Meeting, Technical Officer

Foundations Network Meeting for Technical Officers

Through lively debate, discussion, and the sharing of good practice, the purpose of these sessions is to seek answers to the real-world challenges and questions that arise from the DFG process.
Date: 2nd November 2023, 2pm to 3:30pm
Location: Online
Training, DFG

DFG Basics – Rules and Regulations

Foundations DFG Basics course will give you a better understanding when and how to use discretion, provide ideas to improve delivery systems and help you learn about common misunderstandings.
Date: 7 November 2023
Location: Microsoft Teams

Welfare Benefits Training

With more people claiming benefits than ever before and people interacting with the benefits system who have never had contact with it, providing the right advice has never been more crucial.
Date: 9th November 2023, 10am - 1pm
Location: Online
Training, DFG, Technical Officer

Basic Construction for Adaptations

This training course will provide a greater understanding of all the considerations needed when undertaking disabled adaptations to a home environment.
Date: 15th November 2023
Location: Online
Training, DFG

Specialist Occupational Therapist DFG Basics – Rules and Regulations

Foundations specialist training course provides Occupational Therapists with a practical introduction to Disabled Facilities Grants, how to make them work in practice and tips for handling those tricky cases.
Date: 22 November 2023
Location: Microsoft Teams


Foundations offers a range of training courses and CPD sessions aimed mainly at caseworkers and technical staff. The courses are updated regularly, and we respond to national legislative changes to ensure they meet the needs of the sector. We offer both offline and online training sessions as well as our always-popular FREE DFG Training.

We are always willing to put on new courses if the demand is there so if you have a particular need, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

> Find out more about our training opportunities. 

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Foundations Case Manager

Man with glasses using a tablet and smiling

Foundations Case Manager (FCM) is a versatile, web-based, case management solution that can be embedded within your day-to-day working processes, whether utilised partially or fully FCM can help improve overall time scales and ensure data recording & reporting needs are met.

The system incorporates any number of core workflow processes with custom fields, case actions, appointment booking/handling and management, document management and report creation/generation within a permission controlled environment.

Foundations Case Manager allows users to choose a unique package of the core system and additional modules, allowing bespoke and unique case management solutions for a wide range of organisations and services.

Foundations Independent Living Trust

We operate as part of Foundations, supporting case workers to find the right funding for their clients.

Through distribution of Corporate Social Responsibility and charity funds to HIAs, we enable caseworkers to provide a range of invaluable support measures to older and vulnerable people to help them live with dignity in their own homes.

This funding can help you to deliver a fast and effective service by assessing customer need and carrying out the necessary work.

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