Sustainable funding

Wessex Resolutions CIC (WRCIC) have been delivering sustainable funding solutions across the private sector housing stock throughout the South West for over 16 years. In 2005, Wessex Resolutions CIC devised a scheme to work in partnership with local councils to enable them to reduce their reliance on ever reducing grant funding. The scheme was devised to recycle funds to enable homeowners to access a range of loans for improving, adapting and enhancing their properties.

£12.4 million of local council funding

Currently working with 18 local authorities, WRCIC have lent over £12.4 million of local council funding, with over £8.4 million of this having been recycled through the repayment of loans.

Our unique business model focuses on ensuring a sustainable future for the areas we serve. We are responsible finance providers and committed to making a genuine difference to the quality of life of our stakeholders. We are more than just a loan provider. Our unique assessment process enables us to take a holistic view of the issues within the household, and signpost to complimentary services appropriately.

Year-on-year growth has been a testament to the way we work and with a further projected growth of 10% in 2020/2021, we will be responsible for lending over £1.7 million of council funds to communities.
We are investing significantly in our people, technology and systems as we are committed to growth in order to make a difference to both our existing communities, and those beyond our existing delivery area within the South West.

Developing partnerships and new funding streams

We are delighted to be looking to develop partnerships with other councils and new potential partner organisations throughout the UK to extend the scope of our loan delivery programmes.
As a result of our experience of working at a grassroots level with providers to deliver funding solutions which make a difference to the wellbeing of clients, we are in a position to seek new funding streams in the following areas:

  • Extend delivery of our existing range of home improvement loans services beyond the South West of England and into other areas of the UK.
  • Creation and delivery of funding programmes that respond to the Climate Emergency in the UK.
  • Development of an ethical loans service that focuses on the wellbeing agenda in the UK.
  • Devise and deliver programmes in collaboration with social care providers, to tackle the ageing population within the UK, enabling people to live independently within their homes.

For further information about our experience and extended range of loan delivery services, please contact Emma Lower, CEO for an initial and confidential discussion on 01823 461099 or email [email protected]