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What We Do

At Foundations, we’re here to share the magic about home improvement agencies; it’s a powerful force that drives everything we do. We work with local authorities and home improvement agencies right across England, and our enthusiasm for making a difference is what sets us apart.

Dedicated to Home Improvement Agencies

Our team is committed to handling a wide array of adaptation requests with a deep understanding of the personal stories they represent. We blend our technical expertise with a real passion for bringing innovative solutions to the table, aiming to make our work both efficient and rewarding. We value each success and view every challenge as a learning opportunity.

Technical Officers & Caseworkers

It’s genuinely rewarding for us to see a home improvement agency transform a house into a comfortable home. We offer our support not just as advisors but as enthusiasts of their work. Our training is interactive, focusing on the excitement of learning new techniques and the satisfaction of making a tangible difference.

Always a Positive Outlook

Our strength lies in handling complex cases, such as those involving disabled facilities grants, with a positive and proactive approach. We see every case as an opportunity to positively impact someone’s life, offering supportive and optimistic guidance to make challenging tasks approachable.

Supporting Local Authorities

Imagine a local authority team facing the intricacies of home adaptations. Our Foundations Case Manager software is designed to make a significant difference. More than just a tool, it embodies our commitment to efficiency and innovation. We take pride in how this technology streamlines their tasks, making daunting workloads manageable, while keeping a focus on the individuals involved.

Sparking Interest with Roadshows

Our DFG Champions roadshows are where we bring our passion for knowledge and collaboration to life. We travel from place to place, aiming not just to present but to inspire every professional we encounter. These events are more than mere gatherings; they’re dynamic forums for exchanging ideas, experiences, and inspirations.

Consultancy as Partnership

Our consultancy approach is thorough and collaborative. We go beyond giving advice; we see ourselves as partners with the agencies and teams we work with, fully engaging in their challenges and successes. Our consultancy services are about embarking on a journey together, driven by a mutual commitment to positively impact people’s lives.

We are not just a team; we are dedicated professionals united by our goal to enhance homes and lives. Our passion is evident, our dedication solid, and our support sincere.

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Established in 2000

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25+ Guides

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2,500+ DFG Champions

Our Story

National Body for Home Improvement Agencies

  • Formed in 2000: Established to support the growth and development of Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) across England. Our inception coincided with the introduction of the Supporting People funding programme, positioning us to play a crucial role in the sector. A significant part of our initial success and recognition came from our expertise in data collection across HIAs, helping to inform and shape better services.

National Body for Handyperson Services

  • Enhanced Role from 2008: Our responsibilities expanded significantly in 2008 when the government funded the growth of handyperson services. This development allowed us to extend our reach and impact, ensuring more people could access essential home repair and maintenance services. Our role in this expansion was instrumental in promoting the safety and wellbeing of residents, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities.

National Body for Disabled Facilities Grants

  • Leading Since the Better Care Fund: With the creation of the Better Care Fund and additional funding for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs), our role evolved to become a national leader in this area. We have been at the forefront of advocating for and managing these grants, ensuring they are used effectively to make homes more accessible and suitable for people with disabilities. Our involvement has been pivotal in driving improvements and ensuring that the DFGs meet the changing needs of the population.


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Our People

Hello, I’m Paul Smith, the Director of Foundations with a background rich in the evolution of Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) and home adaptations. My journey includes managing award-winning Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) and commissioning housing and social care services.

My philosophy is simple: equip people with the necessary tools and insights, and they’ll achieve remarkable results. For me, it’s about actionable solutions rather than abstract discussions.

My vision for Foundations is to establish it as the premier platform for all things related to HIAs and DFGs, serving as a comprehensive resource for enhancing homes across England.

I’m driven by a continuous quest for impactful change, supported by a team equally committed to making a difference.

Foundations' Involvement in DFG Review and Guidance

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At Foundations, we take an active role in driving change, not just witnessing it. Our significant involvement in the 2018 independent review of the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) and the collaboration on new guidance released in 2022 are prime examples of our commitment.

Role in the 2018 Independent Review

In 2018, we played a crucial role in the independent review of the DFG, bringing our extensive knowledge and experience to the forefront. Our participation was centered around in-depth analysis and collaboration, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of DFGs for communities throughout England. Our goal was to ensure these grants addressed both present and future needs.

Collaboration on 2022 Guidance

By 2022, our role expanded as we collaborated with government agencies to develop new DFG guidance. Our focus was on crafting clear, practical, and inclusive guidelines to aid in home adaptations. We aimed to make this new guidance a valuable tool for local authorities and professionals in the field.

Our Dedication to Impact

These efforts underscore our dedication to meaningful change in home improvement and adaptations, emphasizing our role in shaping national policies and our commitment to enhancing lives through improved home accessibility.

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Our Vision

Leading and inspiring positive change in the delivery of home adaptations and improvements.​

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Our Mission

Provide great information, products and services for all the dedicated professionals helping to keep people warm, safe and secure in their home.

Our Values

We are different and make a difference
If we do things that make a difference and stand out as being different, then people will remark about it. That means we might just be doing something remarkable.
We always work in perpetual beta
We recognise that the world is constantly evolving and that we need to evolve with it. There will always be something we can do to improve what we do, it may be a small step but they all add up.
We challenge our own thinking
We often have strong views, but hold them quite lightly. We know where we're going but are flexible on how we get there.
We strive to speak with integrity
We will say what we believe to be right. It might not always be a popular point of view, but sometimes our mission will require us to challenge perceptions.
We trust each other and work together
To achieve our mission we need to work as a team, and any effective team has to have trust in each other - and have each others backs.
We seek partnerships that serve our mission
We can do more by working with others. This can sometimes take longer and require flexibility and compromise but will usually bring better results than we could achieve alone.