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How links are chosen for the Foundations website:

The Foundations website contains links to both internal web pages and external websites. We select links that are relevant to the content of pages on the website and are helpful to the user. These links are included for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Further relevant information

  • Background information

  • Practical guidance

We try not link to any websites that require the visitor to register before viewing content. We have a number of partnerships with third parties who advertise on our website. We are not resposible for the content of extrnal websites. 


Links to external websites

Links are chosen when each Foundations web page is published or reviewed. We are not responsible for third party websites. This is because:

  • We do not produce, maintain or update them

  • We cannot change them

  • They can be altered without our knowledge or agreement

  • Some of our external links may be to websites that offer commercial services, such as online purchases.


Links to user-generated material 

Some of the content to which we link on external websites is generated by members of the public, e.g. forums and message boards. The views expressed are those of the public, not of Foundations. If you consider this content to be inappropriate in relation to the Foundations website, please notify us at info@foundations.uk.com and we will consider removing the link to the site on which the material appears.

Content Information 

Where any audio or video content is made available through the Foundations website, users will be informed of the nature of the material that they might expect to hear or see by clear text captions on the relevant web pages.

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