Foundations Workplan

Making Magic Happen 

Our mission is to share the magic about Home Improvement Agencies and adaptation services, but this alone does not always result in tangible improvements in services. We know that many organisations recognise the need to improve but need help in making it a reality – that’s why we're increasingly focusing on making the magic happen. 

The Disabled Facilities Grant is an integral part of the Better Care Fund and creates a formal link for housing services with health and social care in every local authority. It hasn’t been an easy introduction everywhere, but it is part of a growing acceptance that home adaptations are an integral part of keeping people living independently in their own homes. And not just adaptations - repairs, handypersons, housing options, moving support, hospital discharge, assistive technology, etc are all part of the solution - in other words a Home Improvement Agency. 

And it’s not just the public sector that recognises the benefits of HIAs. We’re working with large financial institutions to develop new home repair equity release products for use by HIA clients - together with supporting materials and calculators. 

But there isn’t currently a HIA in every area of England and this year we will be identifying those areas and seeking to identify local partners who could help to fill those gaps. To support this approach, we will develop a starter pack of documentation for a new HIA and recruit HIA Ambassadors. We will also engage with more agencies delivering affordable warmth measures to support and develop collaboration and integration of services. 

While we await the Government Response to the independent review of Disabled Facilities Grants we are going to draft an outline for a revised set of guidance and carry out further research on staffing/revenue costs of delivery and activity in County/District areas. We’ll also continue to look at the under-representation of DFG applications from the private rented sector and for people on the autistic spectrum. 

Our work plan sets out what we're planning to do over the next year.

We would love you to get involved. If there's anything you're interested in please get in touch at or on Twitter @FoundationsHIA 

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