Foundations' workplan

Overall Approach

“All ships rise” comes from a John F. Kennedy idiom and describes the idea that when an economy is performing well, all people will benefit from it. Or in this case, if we can collaborate as a sector to grow and do things better, then we will all benefit from that. And as a sector that includes government, commissioners, providers, academia and business. Foundations’ role is moving on from ‘sharing the magic’, to making the connections across and outside the traditional sector. As public sector funding remains tight, this will increasingly focus on more mutually beneficial “commercial” opportunities with a range of ethical companies. This is likely to lead to some flexing of existing business models and blurring of traditional geographic boundaries. To mobilise change we will create more opportunities for networking and sharing ideas and good practice. With a small team and a whole country to cover we need to gather people together wherever possible – in person or virtually – to maximise our impact. This will mean prioritising occasions where we engage with individuals or undertake repeated engagements.

Improving Delivery of the Disabled Facilities Grant

Since 2015 our remit has been extended to lead on improving delivery of the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) across England – and not only where DFG is delivered by a HIA. This change in emphasis means we can also assist local authorities that do not deliver via a HIA and allows for wider multi-disciplinary networks to be formed outside of traditional silos. The intention is to transform how DFG funding is spent rather than necessarily concentrating on the DFG process as set out in legislation. This reflects the requirements of the Better Care Fund and emerging local commissioning arrangements to deliver truly preventative services. It will also include supporting people to move to more suitable housing, if that is their wish. The ongoing increases in DFG funding also means we need to accelerate improvements in delivery. The DFG Champions programme will grow significantly this year with 8 regional roadshows, a conference and a flourishing facebook group. We will also be introducing a number of exciting new practical tools and resources

Our work plan sets out what we're planning to do over the next year.

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