Abacus Healthcare partners with Foundations so disabled bathers have greater access to specialist baths

Abacus Healthcare, the trusted manufacturer of assisted baths for disabled bathers, has forged a new Gold Partnership with Foundations so more families and end users can benefit from safer, enjoyable bathing.

Foundations provides a Commercial Partners programme that strengthens the link between suppliers/manufacturers and HIAs. Abacus Healthcare regularly works closely with HIAs and LAs to provide accessible baths for individuals living with restricted mobility. Therefore,the new partnership with Foundations aims to give end users greater access to its dependable assisstive solutions.

Quality and reliable Abacus baths, such as the popular Gemini, deliver a safer and more dignified bathing experience. Powered featured such as height adjustment, integrated transfer platforms and bather transfer seats reduce the risk of falls and ensure carers can support with reduced manual handling and bending – lowering the potential for back injury. Abacus offers a trusted, clinically-led assessment process that is enhanced by a complete design, installation and after care service. By choosing Abacus vulnerable adults and children, along with their carers and families, can rest assured the most appropriate bathing solution will always be provided. These specialist baths are available through private funding or via a DFG.

DFGs are provided by LAs to help meet the cost of adapting a property for the needs of a disabled person. The scheme operates in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and Foundations strives to transform the process so more recipients receive help and in a timely manner. By Abacus partnering with Foundations, availability and awareness of its specialist bathing solutions will be increased with a view to delivering greater well-being and independence to more end users.