Brand New findmyhia site - Paul's Blog

Over the last 3 years thousands of people have visited to find the contact details for their local Home Improvement Agency. It’s a little basic but it’s done the job.
Now it’s well established and linked to from a wide range of other sites there’s an opportunity to make it bigger and better. To make it into a shopfront for the sector; with reviews, case studies, photos, videos, social media links and more. So that’s what we’ve done.

The new version of findmyhia will go live in September, which gives you chance to claim and update your agency listing. The basic listings are still free and always will be, but for £50 a year you can add lots of extra information and really show potential customers what makes you great.

But we also want people living in areas that don’t currently have an accredited HIA to see what they’re missing out on and tell their local authorities. So we’re going to be looking for Agency Managers to become HIA Ambassadors – promoting the sector and encouraging others to become accredited. Become an Ambassador and as a token of appreciation we’ll upgrade you to a featured listing for free.

There’s also a Premium Listing that includes the HIA Quality Mark. Agencies with the Quality Mark get top billing on the site and a host of extra features. Premium Listings including biennial QM assessment is just £250 per year.

Whichever level you choose, please get involved, update your information and help us to share the magic about your Home Improvement Agency.

Preview the new site and claim your listing at: