DFG Analytics has now gone live from April 2018

For the first time DFG providers will have access to a comprehensive source of data to assess their delivery. It will also provide a valuable framework to review efficiency and effectiveness of the service you provide. The analysis has now been updated and includes needs data using prevalence rates and population data from the ONS. This is in addition to the data collected from different sources including LOGASNET data from 2009 to 2017 and all recent Freedom of information requests for 2017 and 2018. You will be able to compare expenditure, completions, operations and outcomes data using the DFG Analytics portal.

Data Available per provider;

  • Total Expenditure 2009-17
  • Spend per thousand population 2017
  • Spend per person with moderate and serious disablity aged 18-64 for 2017
  • Spend per person with day to day activities limited A Little and A Lot aged 65 and over for 2017.
  • Average spend per DFG
  • Average cost of a level access shower 2017
  • Average cost of curved stairlifts 2017
  • Average cost of ramps 2017
  • Average cost of ground floor extension of bedroom with Ensuite
  • Total mandatory grants completed
  • Mandatory grants completed between different age groups
  • Forecast grants to be completed
  • Grants complete below £5,000, £5,001 to £15,000 and £15,000 to £30,000
  • Average days between receipts of application and approval
  • Average days between approval to completion
  • Closed grant application data
  • Means test data
  • Total social value of DFG Grants completed
  • DFG allowed for discharge from hospital

Each provider will also be provided with their own unique performance improvement dashboard.  

Sample outputs

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