DFG Quality Standard Coming Soon - Paul's Blog

For those of you who attended our DFG Champions Roadshows last year, you might remember my countdown of the top 10 aspects of good DFG delivery? There was general consensus that it was about right, so we went away to write it up. But then the DFG Review started and we put it to one side - until now. 

With the Review complete it came time to dust it off and reflect on what we had written, and it became apparent that it was (a) too long and (b) didn't really work as a traditional report. So we started again from scratch, creating a web resource that we can continue to update with good practice examples and links to useful resources. It also has a simple checklist that you can use as the basis for a local improvement programme, or we can use if you would like us to provide a free and independent audit of where you are now. We are looking forward to launching this in September. 

Alongside the Quality Standard, we've also got a collection of DFG related documents that we collated for the Review. We're putting them into a searchable table so you don't have to search for them all, like we did. All part of trying to make the Foundations website the number one resource for DFG related information on the internet - so if there's anything else you would find helpful please let us know.