DFG Summit report

In December 2015, Foundations and the College of Occupational Therapists held a DFG summit that brought together Occupational Therapists, HIA managers, Grant Officers, Government officers and leading policy people to discuss good practice in the delivery of the DFG.

The follow-up report is a summary of the main points brought up on the day together with some apposite case studies showing what works well now. 

The report calls for:

  • The creation of co-located teams of HIA staff and occupational therapists to ensure better communication and create a seamless service for clients around DFG work
  • Linking up IT systems within social care and housing so the impact of DFGs on a person’s care needs can be accurately measured
  • An increase in maximum grant to take account of inflation – the current limit of £30,000 hasn’t changed for five years. Eligibility criteria should be standardised by either including housing costs or adopting the social care means test
  • Using the NHS Number when recording information as recommended by the Better Care Fund. This will allow for a single reference for people at all stages of the process
  • Use of a Trusted Assessor approach for simple cases to allow occupational therapists to employ their skills with more complex cases. This will allow simple adaptations to be fast-tracked through the system.

Download the DFG summit report