Equity Release Pilot

Over the last decade the focus has shifted from home repairs to home adaptations. The 2010 cuts to private sector renewal funding and the significant increases in Disabled Facilities Grant allocations made that inevitable.

But at the start of the 2020’s there is a renewed interest in decent homes and particularly the situation for many older owner-occupiers. Just before Christmas the Centre for Ageing Better released a report highlighting that there are 4.3 million non-decent homes in England, almost half of which are lived in by someone over the age of 55
Center for Ageing Better Infographic

One way to fund repairs and improvements is through equity release. As a solution, it can be seen as problematic but for cases of significant disrepair, it is probably the only alternative to living in danger or moving. Legal & General have recognised this and developed a new lifetime mortgage specifically designed to help with home improvements. And a key element is the involvement of a Home Improvement Agency to offer professional support from a trusted local organisation.

All the financial advice and compliance with FCA regulation will be handled by Age Partnerships, so the HIAs role is project management of the improvement works combined with all-important caseworker support - funded by an agency fee which is added to the loan.

We’re looking for an Agency to pilot a handful of cases. You will develop an approach to be rolled out across the country and through Foundations Independent Living Trust you'll get grant funding to support the pilot project too.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in getting involved, you will need to:

  • Be an accredited HIA with caseworkers and technical officers
  • Have an overview of housing conditions in your area
  • Be willing to develop documents and procedures which will be shared with others

If that sounds like you - email me pauls@foundations.uk.com