Foundations 2020 - Paul's blog

One of the common misconceptions about Foundations is that we’re a membership organisation, and that Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) are “our members”. In fact, we’re a contractor to the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and we’ve just signed a contract extension that runs through to September 2020.

The extension coincides with the publication of the MHCLG Select Committee report on Housing for Older People. If you visit the Committee’s webpage, their first recommendation is “Additional funding for HIAs operating services including a handyperson service for older people.”

We’ll have to see if more money is forthcoming, but for any Local Authorities considering how to organise their approach to home improvements, repairs and adaptations – we’re here to help.

HIAs are becoming increasingly diverse, as we recognised in our report The Collaborative HIA, so if you would like us to come and meet you and discuss options please do get in touch –

We’re also forming our workplan for 2018/19 so any suggestions would be gratefully received. If there’s something we could develop to help you, it’s probably going to help many others too.