Foundations launches marketing programme tailored for the HIA sector

We have teamed up with the multi-award winning author of Watertight Marketing, Bryony Thomas, to bring you a 12 month online course that will help you master the essentials of marketing and improve your commercial results.

Against a backdrop of increasing pressure on public services and an ageing population, our sector needs to constantly look for new opportunities and forge new partnerships that can help your HIA expand the range of services offered and reach new markets. For this to happen, it is crucial for organisations within sector to start viewing marketing as a key element of their day-to-day activity and look to market themselves in the best possible way to commissioners, customers and new partners. 

Marketing is not just about selling products to customers, it is about anticipating and understanding the needs of these customers and delivering the services they need, when and how they need them. Positioning your agency as the go-to place for all your stakeholders (from able-to-pay customers to funders and commissioners) and communicating effectively with each of these stakeholders are essential.

Our online marketing programme aims to give you foundational knowledge and the tools to help you implement an effective and manageable marketing strategy that will deliver sustainable commercial results on the long term. 

Plus, this is a course tailored for the HIA sector, which means you will work alongside peers in the sector and can share experiences and learn from each other on the journey. 

The support you will receive is thus three fold:

  1. marketing expertise from Bryony Thomas, owner and founder of Watertight Marketing and author of an award winning book of the same name,
  2. HIA expertise from Paul Smith, director of Foundations,
  3. Peer support to help you go through your monthly tasks.

 “We know that marketing is a huge challenge for the home improvement sector and that finding advice that fits this unique context is difficult. This is why we’ve teamed up with Bryony Tomas to create this powerful programme specifically catering for these needs.” Paul Smith, Foundations.

Both Foundations & Watertight Marketing are absolutely committed to guiding and supporting you through this process so that you get phenomenal value. 

See for more details, or send Angela an email if you’d like to find out more about this exciting new programme.