Housing and Disabled People - Britain's Hidden Crisis

Housing and disabled people: Britain’s hidden crisis’ calls on governments to produce a national strategy to ensure there is an adequate supply of houses built to inclusive design standards and for a review of the way that building standards are enforced.

It also demands that both national and local governments improve the way that data is collected and shared, both on the requirements of disabled people and on the number of adaptable homes already built. Equally as important is ensuring provision of specialist support and information services to match homes to the people who need them and to ensure that they are suitably adapted.

Foundations welcomes the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s calls for a greater focus on accessible and adaptable homes for disabled people. 

Paul Smith, Director of Foundations, said: “This report highlights the challenges many disabled people face and the progress that we need to make in order to address the lack of accessible and adaptable housing.

“As the Commission points out, there are huge benefits to supporting disabled people to live independently.

“Local home improvement agencies help thousands of people every year to make the adaptations they need to their homes. As a result the vast majority of people can then continue to live independently, maintaining the important social links with family and friends.

“Our research has shown that a well-adapted home helps to keep people out of residential care creating significant savings for an over-stretched social care system.

“The EHRC report highlights the great work done by the HEART home improvement agency in Warwickshire – a partnership between the County and District Councils that joins up responsibilities, expertise and funding and provides a one-stop shop for people who need support to access the array of services they may be entitled to. It’s an example we hope many others will follow.”

Download the report

View EHRC's linked infographics and two related films  featuring disabled people describing their experiences of home adaptations and offering their tips on how they manage adaptations in their home.