Housing services - helping people to get home from hospital - showcasing practice in your area

Hot on the heels of the updated Health and Housing Memorandum of Understanding, this new interactive map provides an insight into a wide range of projects, across England, delivered by providers of housing support and local housing authorities to prevent delayed discharges from hospital due to a housing issue. These essential services help to free up the NHS to deliver support to those most in need, while also preventing hospital re-admissions.

Developed jointly by Foundations and the Housing LIN, with valuable support from the CIH, Skills for Care, and Care and Repair England, the new map is due to be launched today at the King's Fund event, 'Working Together to Improve Patient Flow'. A collaborative resource, this brings together responses to NHS pressures from the housing sector as a whole, regardless of tenure, and reflects a need to work together better across health, housing and social care.

Clare Skidmore, of the Housing LIN, said: "Delayed transfers of care from hospital create frustration, discomfort and impaired wellbeing for thousands of people and families every year. The costs to the public purse are also significant. This new interactive map highlights a range of excellent projects across England where housing services are making an important contribution to tackling this problem in their local area and improving outcomes for people following hospital treatment."

Francis Philippa, Head of Strategy at Foundations, said: "This new tool enables health, housing and social care providers and commissioners to see how others are responding to the pressures facing the health service and to take a closer look at what works. I hope that this resource will encourage local discussions and help to stimulate further collaboration across housing, health and care."

If you deliver a housing service to support the NHS in your area, especially to prevent delayed discharges from hospital, please get in touch with the Housing LIN at info@housinglin.org.uk, to share the great work you are doing. If you also complete and attach the blank case study template, this will enable us to add your project or service to the directory and showcase your work.

For more information about the role of housing in improving hospital pathways (both reducing delayed transfers of care, and preventing admissions to hospital) please visit the Housing LIN's dedicated webpages. You can also find useful information and related resources on our website.