Keeping People Safe At Home

In a UK first, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight STP[i] has commissioned a ground-breaking approach to improving the mental health and wellbeing of local communities through a focus on the home.

Appointed in February 2018, the Keep Well Collaborative[1] builds collaborative relationships between housing, health, social care, statutory and voluntary agencies breaking silos, building trust and inspiring a relentless focus on championing change, despite the obstacles.

“We know that a home is so much more than a roof and a bed” said Sharon Collins, who facilitates the Collaborative with business partner Patrick Fowler.  “Our home is the very cornerstone of our lives – a place where we make ourselves and connect with family, friends and loved ones - but if you haven’t got a safe and stable home, nothing else can fall into place.

“By using ‘housing’ as a lens to wellbeing we move thinking away from a purely medical model of wellbeing (it’s the NHS’ job to fix it) creating opportunity and appetite to work differently by co-creating solutions together with people with lived experience of mental ill health, which keep people well, and keep people at home.”

Although the path the Collaborative treads is not an easy one it’s already achieved some fantastic results which reduce the demand for statutory services and improve personal wellbeing.


In a collaboration between Solent NHS Trust and Vivid Homes a new ‘Wellbeing Service’ launched in December 2018 and was a finalist in the national Housing Heroes Awards 2019. With a caseload of around 30 residents at any one time, the Wellbeing Service has already helped turn lives around and in just one case saved the NHS £17,000 a year through reduced GP appointments and repeat calls to 111 and 999 services. Vivid has now gone on to appoint two volunteer counsellors and introduced mental health champions into their contact centre to provide dedicated support to customers experiencing mental health issues. 

[1] Commissioned by HIOW STP. Facilitated by Shared Ventures Ltd  


[i] In 2016, NHS organisations and local councils joined forces in every part of England to develop proposals for improved health and care. They formed new partnerships – known as sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) – to run services in a more coordinated way, agree priorities, and develop shared plans to improve residents’ day-to-day.


More information please contact:

Sharon Collins, Director, Shared Ventures Ltd