LGA published Housing Commission final report

The final commission report sets out recommendations for how local and national government can work together to build more homes, and to build homes that meet the diverse needs of people, partners and places. 

Besides building more social rented homes to boost home ownership, and a renewed effort to increase the incomes of those in need of affordable homes, council leaders say there is also an urgent need to better provide housing for older people. The LGA report shows that between 2008 and 2039, 74 per cent of projected household growth will be made up of households with someone aged 65 or older. It calls for an increase in age-friendly housing and points out that this will be crucial to helping older people stay healthy and happy for longer, and reducing demand on NHS and care services.

The report makes the following recommendations:

24. Support local health, care and housing sector partners to start an early collective conversation with people about both their current and future housing aspirations and needs as they age.

25. Ensure sufficiently funded systems are in place to enable older people to modify their homes to support prevention and positive ageing in ways that generate savings to health and care services.

26. Plan and deliver housing as part of emerging integrated health and social care services, with activities and facilities designed to support older people to age well in their homes and communities for longer.

29. Age Friendly neighbourhood principles should be built into planning policies, integrating All Age Friendly housing as part of healthy, inclusive mixed tenure housing developments.

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