The DFG circle

Not long to go now before we hit the road for the DFG Champions Roadshows. It’s proving to be our most popular event for years and it will be great to discuss how we can all make the most of the extra funding available. Much of the talk will be focussed on bigger system changes and revision of existing regulations but what about those little improvements? The small changes don’t need dozens of meeting and a detailed committee report, but still make a discernible difference to how you deliver a service.

During the Olympics we heard a lot about the doctrine of marginal gains – small incremental improvements that add up to a significant improvement when they’re all added together.  For the Team GB cycling team it resulted in a record haul of medals. So what could this mean for DFGs?

I find when little things go wrong, you have to spend time putting them right. And while you’re putting things right, more things go wrong and you get into a vicious circle.

On the other hand, if you spend a little bit of time putting those things right you have fewer problems. You can then spend more time on making other little improvements – a virtuous circle.

It could be better wording on a form, a new gadget, a tweak to a procedure, or a tidy-up in the office. What are your marginal gains?

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