Become A TrustMark Regional Framework Provider Hub

This short guide aims to explain the opportunity for registered Home Improvement Agencies (HIA) to become Regional TrustMark Framework Provider Hubs (TFPH). In order to keep this guide as simple as possible, it purposefully does not focus on what TrustMark is, or its objectives. Instead this guide focuses why a HIA would want to become a TFPH, how a HIA can become a TFPH, and the cost associated with this.


The availability of contractors, and their quality undertaking adaptations work on behalf of HIAs is very variable. Indeed, it is not uncommon for an HIA operating in one local authority may struggle recruiting contractors, whilst a neighbouring local authority have no such problems. The recent DFG review which Foundations co-authored, recognised issues relating to the variability of contractors across local authority areas.

Working with TrustMark, Foundations have negotiated an agreement with TrustMark whereby a HIA can become a Regional TrustMark Framework Provider Hub. Becoming a TFPH will give the HIA the power to award contractors with TrustMark registration over a wide regional/sub-regional area.

In order to do this, the contractors must meet minimum requirements for TrustMark registration, which has been negotiated with TrustMark and is based upon requirements found in the Foundations Quality Mark. This provides advantages for many stakeholders:

  • The contractor gets a nationally recognised award which shows they are safe and competent contractors.
  • The local authority is assured that contractors undertaking DFG funded adaptations work are vetted, and, meet the highest consumer protection standards.
  • As TrustMark is aligned with Trading Standards, contractors registered with the hub should be able to work for other local authorities and can resolve a problem for those local authorities that struggle to recruit contractors.
  • The client is assured that contractors engaged in delivering adaptations are safe, and with robust mechanisms in place for putting things right, should anything go wrong.
  • HIAs / Local authorities signing up to the TFPH have an administrative task removed from them as responsibility for vetting and quality-control of contractors falls to the TFPH.
  • The HIA operating as a TFPH can derive revenue for being a TFPH. This is obtained by charging an annual fee to contractors for TrustMark registration. This fee can be set by the TFPH. The TFPH can also charge local authorities a fee for effectively managing their contractor list for them.


In order to become a TFPH, the HIA will need to be confident that they can recruit the minimum number of contractors to their lists, which is 60. As such it would be wise to discuss plans with neighbouring HIAs and local authorities to see if they will support a move to become a TFPH, by selling the advantage of contractor list management.

Once local support is obtained, contact Foundations who will provide you with an application form.


Registration as a TFPH will cost approximately £2000, as such the prospective TFPH will need to determine the level of the cost passed on to contractors, and any fees charged to neighbouring local authorities / HIAs to manage their contractor list. These fees should cover the cost of TrustMark fees and provide sufficient revenue to enable management of the scheme.

For more information on becoming a TrustMark Provider Hub please contact us: