What does ‘marketing’ mean to you? - Paul's blog

What does ‘marketing’ mean to you? My dictionary says ‘advertise or promote’ which is probably what you thought too? But is that it?

If you ask the Chartered Institute of Marketing, they talk about “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably” – which is much more than some leaflets and a small advert in the local press. It’s your whole business process.

Those of you who came to this year’s Home Improvement Agency Conference will know that I’m a big fan of Bryony Thomas and her ‘Watertight Marketing’ approach. It identifies the 13 stages that your clients/customers go through and gives practical suggestions for improving their journey. If you read the book it applies to HIAs as much as any other small business.

Bryony has put together a 12 month marketing masterclass specifically for HIAs – a structured programme that will help you work through your approach to marketing alongside other agencies. I’ll be adding my experience too, with the aim of sharing ideas and good practice to help you make the most of your marketing budgets to find, satisfy and keep your clients and funders.

There’s a prospectus with all the details. When you’re reading it think about the advertising and promotion you’ve done in the past. How much did it cost, and what benefit did you get from it? I once spent more than the cost of this course on cinema advertising. It included a free weekly pass to the local cinema but resulted in zero referrals. If I’d known more about marketing I could have done a lot more with a lot less money.

Find out more about the Marketing Masterplan and join now.


"WE Care & Repair have signed up for the HIA Marketing Masterplan programme after seeing the presentation at this year’s conference. In my opinion, the programme is easy to understand and implement, requires only about 6-12 hours per month and does not need a marketing person to implement. The programme specialises in marketing for considered  purchases of goods and services and is very appropriate for targeting self funders." - Kevin Snowball, WE Care & Repair Manager

As a business owner you can be overwhelmed and you think you have to try all these ideas but actually the Touchpoint Leak Assessment gives you a breakdown of all the marketing areas you need to consider and then what you need to focus on. It shows you how to approach marketing and where to start. This plan of action was a great help to us. The reason our profit has increased even more than our turnover is because Watertight Marketing have helped us work out where not to waste money on marketing” Holly Brooks, MiaFleur