What to expect at the DFG Champions roadshows - Paul's blog

I think the DFG Champions Roadshows are probably my favourite thing that we do. Spending four days talking to hundreds of people committed to making a difference is really inspiring.

Last year’s roadshows were all about RRO – the Regulatory Reform Order that allows you almost total discretion on how you spend the DFG funding. The final comment from the last roadshow in London summed it up perfectly: "We should be putting the existing rules and regulations to one side and set out efficient and effective ways of delivering home adaptations to meet the needs of a locality."

So that’s where we start this year; we know we can use the money differently, so what are the others issues that we need to address?

We’ll be looking at the split in responsibilities between Districts and Counties – as highlighted in the recent select committee report on social care – and sharing the learning from those areas where they’re making it work.

There’s also a look at assessment. Who decides 'necessary and appropriate', where is it appropriate to use Trusted Assessors? It’s already created lively debate in the DFG Champions Facebook group and I’m sure it will on the day.

In the afternoon we’ll be presenting our thoughts on a new DFG Quality Standard and asking what you think.

Hope to see you there! As I’m writing this the events in London, Sheffield and Wolverhampton are full with only a handful of spaces left in Bristol, but there is a waiting list and we’ll get as many people in as we can. But if you can’t make it this time, we’ll be doing more in the autumn.

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