Lunchtime CPD seminars

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, is the process for maintaining or improving competence, skills, and capabilities. Through CPD, staff keep up to date with the rapidly changing sector. It should enhance current and future development professionally, personally and in business.

Foundations wants to offer Home Improvement Agency staff access to assessed, high-quality CPD material produced by our Commercial Partners. This CPD is assessed by Foundations and provided via in-house lunchtime seminars which are free of charge for the agencies.

How it works

Commercial Partners submit details of their proposed CPD seminar to This should include:

  • Title of the Seminar*
  • Description of the Seminar* (max 100 words)
  • Venue address
  • Copies of an PowerPoint slides, handouts or other materials
  • Length of the seminar* (in minutes)
  • Lunch policy* (what you would provide / pay for)
  • Whether you Provide Certificates*
  • Contact Information for Bookings*

* information to be included in the listing on Foundations website

Approved seminars will be listed in the training section on the Foundations website and promoted via regular e-bulletins, and agencies will contact you directly to book an in-house seminar.

Listings will only be included for CPD offered by Foundations Commercial Partners and is available to all bronze, silver and gold partners.

We will ask Commercial Partners to tell us the number of seminars held and how many people attended on a quarterly basis.

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