How does Gas Safe Charity funding help clients?

Our Gas Safe Charity funding makes a huge difference to the lives of so many people across the country. This year, 51 agencies have been awarded funding through FILT to help support their clients with gas safety interventions, so we checked in to find out how they were spending the money and how this benefits their clients. 

Blackpool Care and Repair

How do you make clients aware of Gas Safe Charity Funds which can be accessed for gas safety interventions?

We have two main ways of targeting our clients, firstly we look at clients who have had either boiler repairs or replacement in the past, and secondly through events we hold to promote The Warm Homes Fund and gas safety in the home. Some of these are based at public events but we are currently also working a lot with health teams.

What difference does the funding make to your agency?

It makes a huge difference, not only do we use it for gas safety checks and servicing, but the funding is also used for small repairs to gas appliances. It can be used for contributions where a boiler has been condemned and the client does not fit the criteria for ECO, has minimal savings and a low income and would not be able to fully fund the shortfall where Health Through Warmth has been funded.

Case Study

Mrs Elaine Bell contacted Blackpool Care & Repair enquiring about any help we could offer with heating in her home. I visited her and established the boiler was not working and Mrs Bell had been without heating for over a year. The boiler had been installed in 1997 and had not been serviced since her mother died 5 years earlier.  Mrs Bell had no heating or hot water.

Caseworker Diane Simone arranged for a gas engineer to inspect the boiler which was immediately condemned as it was in such a dangerous condition.

Using money obtained through Foundations Independent Living Trust and the Gas Safe Charity the boiler was replaced.

Mrs Bell has stated that she would not have been able to have the boiler replaced without this help as she did not have the means to pay for this herself. She is overwhelmed by the kindness everybody that has visited her has shown, and the whole process has been undertaken with by caring professionals. She says this has truly revolutionised both her and her son’s life and had a positive impact on her physical and mental health.


Middlesbrough Staying Put

How do you make clients aware of Gas Safe Charity Funds they can access for gas safety interventions?

The agency has agency caseworkers based all over Middlesbrough who visit clients in their homes and in hospitals whether that be long term admission or A & E. We also have a promotions team which get invited to lots of promotional events with other agencies which the public attend.

Does the Gas Safe Charity fund tie in with any wider initiatives you are involved in? 

The Gas Safe Charity ties in with a few different initiatives we are involved in, mainly our Winter Warmth project which we run every year so that old, vulnerable and disabled people can be warm and safe over the winter months. We also work alongside different partners, whose work involves visiting clients, who we help with small contributions to new boilers.

What difference does the funding make to your agency?

The funding makes a massive difference, as the clientele we deal with have lots of cold related health issues and this significantly helps towards supporting many people each year.

Is there anything else you would like to feed back about the scheme (procedural / operational / general performance)?

For my team, the scheme is running perfectly at the moment, so I wouldn’t change anything. The application was painless and staff I deal with (Rebecca & Lydia) are fantastic and always willing to help with queries or problems.

The team collecting their award at the 2018 HIA Awards.