Case study Preston Care & Repair

"Our service, Preston Care & Repair, had used Foundations Case Manager as our Case Management database for some time and while it allowed us to capture the majority of information we required we were aware that we weren’t utilising all of the functionality available to us and that we needed to develop more robust reports from system to better highlight the complex work we do.

To this end we decided to engage with the current database marketplace as well as with other HIA Services to compare what systems might be available to us. We explored a wide range of solutions from bespoke in-house databases, Microsoft ACCESS and other 3rd party software (such as Charity Log) however we felt these did not meet our need due to various issues including: Lack of required detail, limited access for multiple Users at the same time and annual maintenance costs following set up.

After this exercise we engaged with the Foundations Case Manager Support team who arranged a face to face meeting with us, answered our questions, assessed our needs and worked with us to put together an outline of our requirements. The configured system has now gone live and this includes: custom fields and actions that are unique to us, a bespoke job sheet and a new suite of reports that allow us to report in a more structured way. The main benefit we see with Foundations Case Manager is its ability to be tailored to meet our individual need and the fact that it is a modular system allows our requirements to be scaled as our Service grows – for example the Mobile Working Application is something we are very interested in for the future as this will allow us to explore having a paperless service in order to save time for staff and general service costs."

Laura Holmes, Project and Development Officer, Preston Care and Repair

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