FCM and AdaptMyHome

Hopefully, many of you will have already learned about Foundations new AdaptMyHome web portal?

This is a web-based service that allows a member of the public to self-assess their need for an adaptation in the comfort of their own home. The portal asks the client a number of key questions about their disability and about the fabric of their home to make a judgement if adaptations may be helpful. The client can then go on to perform an initial test of resources which can give them an idea if they may be eligible for DFG funding, or if they may have to make a contribution themselves.

However, what you may not know is that AdaptMyHome also links to our Foundations Case Manager system. FCM customers can have AdaptMyHome set up so that whenever one of their clients performs the self-assessment / Initial test, it refers the case and all the client details directly into FCM under a special case-type named ‘Adapt My Home’.

Not only that, the interface between AdaptMyHome and FCM will undergo further enhancements in the near future which will include portal access for contractors to facilitate awarding works, but also allows the contractor to upload their professional accreditations / insurance documents etc directly into FCM.

If you would like further information on any of these developments, please contact Roy McNally on: [email protected]