Winner Excellence in Design 2021.

Invisible Creations products are attractive, dual-purpose home adaptations that support mobility and retain dignity.
The solutions they offer blend seamlessly into homes, assist people around their living space and promote mobility and prolong independence via the use of inclusive and universal design principles. The strategy they employ ensures their approach to all product design reflects the diversity of the people who use it such that they do not impose barriers of any kind.

Invisible Creations was created to disrupt the market and offer attractive products that people install preventatively. Products are designed to be installed into homes sooner to prolong independence and prevent serious injury. For example, one of the products they use incorporates the support of a grab rail with the style and subtlety of a decorative plant feature. Invisible Creations adaptations are installed into homes earlier owing to their attractive designs and dual-purpose nature which consequently prevents falls sooner and supports people to live independently for longer.