Commended Outstanding Achievement 2021

Commended Outstanding Achievement 2021.

Lee Battye has played an important role in the development of effective new policy, the creation of new training methods and the effective adaption of the housing service to the covid-19 pandemic. Lee is the lead for assessment-related complex complaints and explores/remedies these with little intervention, including relationship-building with the complainant to ensure the matter is handled as smoothly as possible. He ensures any learning is embedded into processes, upskills and develops his team; supporting them to manage change.

Lee supported the development of the Palliative Care Pathway which helped urgently triage and prioritise assessments and adaptations for people at end stages of life.

Lee was central to discussions to form/action pathway plans with hospice sites and instrumental to the introduction of the ‘partial adaptations’ protocol; a flexible way of finding the best solution for customers by working with customers as opposed to rigidly looking at all recommended adaptations.