Introducing the new members of our FCM team

As some of you will know, we have recently had some staff changes in the Foundations Case Manager team, this has led to some delays in terms of re-configuration work for some customers due to a reduction in our technical capacity. Indeed, we are currently holding off any implementations of the system for new customers until such time as our capacity has increased sufficiently. Happily, we have recruited a number of new staff members who will help get us back to normal operations.

Adam Arnold

Joining Lee and Isobel in the Case Manager team is Adam Arnold. Many of you will have already had some interaction with Adam has hit the ground running on our technical helpdesk, and is proving to be a greatly valued member of the team.

Chahat Verma

Next, we have Chahat Verma, who will focus on technical development and configuration work. Chahat has excellent software development skills, and despite only joining us very recently, she is already getting up to speed with the Case manager system, and is sure to play a vital role going forward in any implementations and re-configurations.

Jacqui Williams

Last but not least, we have Jacqui Williams who joined us at the end of August 2021. Jackie has a great deal of experience in analysis of customer needs, and translating those practical needs into a form that can be built into the software.

I hope you will soon see the benefit of the new skills we have brought to the team. To find out more check out theĀ FCM page here.