Remap is a charity that helps disabled people achieve greater independence and quality of life. Its volunteers design and make bespoke equipment for individuals and provide this free of charge.

Remap is a unique national charity that brings together two sets of people: volunteers who are skilled at making things, and people with a disability or impairment that could be eased by a piece of specialist equipment.  Each year Remap volunteers create over 3,000 pieces of custom-made equipment which help transform the lives of disabled people. 

For example, for many people the act of opening a bedroom door and leaving a room is a simple process. However, for Joan, who has severe arthritis, this was proving something of a challenge. Joan has limited strength and movement in her arms and hands and has recently started using a powered wheelchair. These factors make it difficult for her to reach and pull open the spring loaded doors in the home where she lived.

A lever and handle were added to the door in a position that Joan could reach from her wheelchair and an electromagnetic door holder, such as those used to hold fire doors open, was added to the top of the door.

Joan now switches on the door holder using a remote control, grabs the handle of the lever and reverses her wheelchair. A nylon cord attached to the lever rotates the door handle to release the latch and she continues backward until the door contacts the door holder.  The door is held open and she can safely exit.

Remap Essex Central made this system, fully meeting her needs for £35 per door. Commercial companies quoting for suitable door openers gave prices of £1500, demonstrating the excellent value for money provided by Remap.

Thankfully, disabled people can buy equipment to help overcome some common problems, but often a “made to measure” solution is required. This is where Remap’s army of ingenious inventors come in. They design and make equipment and gadgets for young or old alike and these are then provided - free of charge.  The aim is always to help people achieve independence and quality of life, filling the gap where no suitable equipment is available commercially.

You can contact Remap directly, or through your occupational therapists and other health professionals.  A Remap volunteer will investigate each enquiry and if there is no suitable equipment commercially available, the local group will try to help.  Solutions range from simple to complex but are often ingenious.

Do you know someone that could be helped by Remap? Or perhaps you feel inspired to join as a volunteer? People of all ages and with a range of skills are welcome. From electronics and coding experts to carpenters and DIY enthusiasts, people with practical skills can find a home at Remap, as long as they can respond creatively to the wide range of challenges thrown at them.


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Contact Remap via email or on 01732 760209.