Adaptations for self funders are a vital part of the armoury of HIAs in keeping people independent in their own homes. The vast majority of adaptations are carried out and paid for privately and those people are in need of advice, support and on occasions project management. This client group needs our support and is willing to pay for it.  

It is also important given the investment by government in DFGs that we keep this group firmly in mind when designing our services so that we reach as wide a clientele as possible. A service focussing on DFGs only will be failing this larger group and missing out on the opportunities made clear within the Care Act. There are of course other reasons for not wanting a means test such as being unwilling to disclose details or not wanting to wait in the queue for an adaptation.

Independent living centres are the ideal way to market both services so that people can see and try out adapted living services regardless of who is going to pay. Foundations can help with marketing and support for widening your funding base as well as supporting clients in accessing capital through our partnership with Stepchange financial solutions service.