DFG Champions Roadshows Spring 2017

DFG Champions Roadshows Spring 2017 - Paul's blog

Four cities, 350 people and a lot of talk about improving the delivery of DFG!

DFG budgets have grown considerably in the last couple of years thanks to extra investment from the Department of Health. But going forwards that brings added responsibility - they don't just want more of the same.

Just doing the statutory minimum, however slickly, won’t be enough anymore. The funding must be used differently to prevent people needing costly health and social care services in the future. This is a massive challenge, but one that DFG champions are willing to meet.

If you haven’t already done so please take a couple of minutes to complete the evaluation survey so we can tailor the next round of roadshows for the autumn. We’ve already recognised that we need better sound in these bigger venues and will have more table discussions next time. Any suggestions for a bigger venue in London would be appreciated.

The survey also include links to some of the new initiatives I spoke about: 

The social change agency project
DFG benchmarking Club
DFG tenders online
DFG module for HIA case manager

Please tick the box on the survey and leave your email address for further information. Our aim is to develop services that will benefit a number of areas so you don't have to individually 'reinvent the wheel'. 

If you have issues that may benefit from this approach please let us know. We're here to help with DFG delivery whether you use a HIA or not.

Hope to see you at the roadshows in the autumn, but if you would like us to host a special event in your area and you have a venue, we'll be there! We will also be at the OTAC Conference in Reading in September with a full day of presentations and workshops.

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