DFG Tenders

From speaking to Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies we know that:

  • ​​Many are under-spending on their increased allocations;
  • Most are missing the timescales set out in official guidelines; and
  • Some are still asking for quotations to be returned in the post

In response we've developed DFG Tenders Online - an online schedule of rates designed for the Disabled Facilities Grant process. 

Key features are:

  • FREE to use by Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies
  • Online access through any standard web browser
  • Fully customisable schedules or rates
  • Designed to be used by small local builders and contractors
  • Provides instant tenders
  • Can capture client feedback on contractor performance
  • Branded with your logo, corporate colour and a unique URL.

Click here to learn about the new updates which have been made to the portal. 

These include:
  • A league table function which allows you to rank builders based on timescales and customer satisfaction so you can incentivise better delivery
  • Create multiple standard specifications, so you can you for a wider range of works with different contractors. Maybe for minor adaptations, or standard repairs?
  • Collect and share online "Tripadvisor" style ratings for your contractors.
  • Option to either pay for an annual licence per user, or pay as you go.

All still with free set-up and free trials are also available.

We know that budgets are tight and that it can be difficult to secure permission to use new systems – so we’ve made DFG Tenders free of charge for HIAs and Local Authorities. We don’t ask for any commitment either so if you want to give it a try on a pilot basis or use it more permanently, that’s up to you.

The cost of the system is covered by a charge we make directly to the builder – but only when they are awarded a job. The charge is £50 plus VAT, but we think that is good value for money compared to the time it would usually take them to prepare multiple tenders with the risk that they might not win any work.

Watch this video to see how the portal will work in practice.


How it works

The DFG Tenders system is built around a schedule of rates, which is fully customisable to meet your requirements.

Your contractors log-in and pre-price all the items in your schedule.

For each project, you pick the items from your schedule that apply and DFG Tenders calculates a tender price from each contractor based on your selections and their prices.

Attach drawings, photos and any other information the contractor will need.

Then you select the successful contractor, based on price and/or quality, and the details are emailed straight to the contractor.

You can download a pdf of the priced schedule to save to your file or share with others.

Getting set-up

We know that technical officers are busy with their day jobs, so we can help you get up and running – again, free of charge.

If you don’t already have a standard schedule of rates, we’ve got lots of examples and can help you to devise one. Well also get it set-up on DFG Tenders ready for your contractors to price.

Schedule of rates template

We also have email templates to explain the system to contractors and what they will need to do to use it.

Email template

If you would like to find out more about DFG Tenders, please contact Paul Smith

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