Before setting up or reconfiguring services it is important to understand the needs of the local population, what already works well and where the gaps are. Equally important is a joint commitment to meeting those needs across organisations and departments. 

Commissioning is different to procurement. It offers a means of joining up resources to focus on improving outcomes for citizens in the most efficient and effective way both now and into the future - and may not involve any tendering whatsoever. 

LGA Guidance – Commissioning for Better Public Services 

Needs Analysis 

Needs analysis is key to any commissioning exercise. If you don’t know what is required it’s going to be much harder to provide a rational solution.  

Do you produce Joint Strategic Needs Assessments for Housing? 


Public Health England Improving health through the home: a checklist for local plans and policies

Bolton Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Housing 
Haringey Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Housing 
Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Housing 


Joint Commissioning 

Responsibility for meeting the needs of disabled people falls across a number of public sector bodies, including district councils, county councils and health services. Without a commitment to work collaboratively there will inevitably lead to poorer services for residents. 

Do you have agreed joint strategies for action?

Nottingham Memorandum of Understanding to Support Joint Action on Improving Health through the Home 
Cambridgeshire Joint Adaptations Agreement 
Hertfordshire Home Improvement Agency Partnership Agreement 

Buckinghamshire Specialised Housing Market Position Statement 

District Councils in Dorset have signed up to a partnership arrangement where any unspent DFG allocations are redistributed around the County at the end of each financial year.