Housing Options

In some cases, it will not be feasible to adapt and in others it may be a better option for the disabled person to consider moving. Deciding whether or not to move can be difficult and emotional, but it should be considered even if immediately discounted. 

There are three key components to a comprehensive housing options service. 

Do you provide advice on housing options? 

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel have developed the HOOP Tool (Housing Options for Older People) that is used by a number of Local Authorities including London Borough of Bexley, Cambridgeshire County Council and Northwards Housing in Manchester. It takes the form of a questionnaire, asking questions about the home - size, condition, comfort, location, managing, costs and so on. It is designed for use by older people themselves or working with an advisor. 

Elderly Accomodation Counsel EAC Hoop Tool 

Do you have an up to date Register of Accessible Properties?


The most well-known register is the London Accessible Housing Register. 

LAHR Good Practice Guide, Training Manual, and Survey Form. 


Do you provide access to services that provide practical and emotional support to disabled people choosing to move home? 


Foundations paper 'From Staying Put to Moving On' is coming soon. The paper considers the new role for Home Improvement Agencies with an aging population. 

Salford’s Housing Choice Service provides support for older or vulnerable people who may be thinking about moving to a more suitable home.