The people who deliver DFG and related services are a vital element of a quality service. But having good people is only part of the solution, they also need to be deployed efficiently and effectively. 

Many reports have noted the split in responsibility for adaptations between districts and counties, housing and social services departments. However these organisational divides do not have to mean disjointed services for customers. 

Do you have housing and occupational therapy staff in the same team and same location?


Hertfordshire Business Case/Agreement

SCIE Guide to Multidisciplinary teams

Having a single point of contact helps to build trust with customers. DFG applicants can become frustrated by being passed between people and departments without anyone taking responsibility for a problem. Some areas have multi-skilled staff who are able to assess, design and support for the majority of standard adaptations. 

Do you identify a key worker as the main point of contact throughout the process? 

Warwickshire HEART Business Case

Effective staff will need well trained so that they are competent to act upon their own authority, within tolerances. This will include formal training as well as opportunities to network with and share experiences with other practitioners. 

Do staff have opportunities for training and networking? 

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Foundations Training in Trusted DFG Assessor link 

Skills Audit Toolkit