Tenure Neutral Approach

In the legislation, there is no restriction on eligibility for a DFG based on tenure. However, there can be significant differences in practice, particularly for tenants. 

Adaptations for Council tenants can’t be funded using the DFG allocation from Central Government and are usually paid from the Housing Revenue Account. In many areas, this also means adaptations for Council tenants aren’t means tested. 

Stoke on Trent Council Housing Adaptations Policy

Private tenants can also apply for DFG but short tenancies and unsupportive landlords can make a successful application more difficult. 

Islington DFG for Landlords


Some housing associations also fund all adaptations for their tenants. Some require their tenants to make a DFG application and others have an agreement to part fund with DFG paying the balance. 

Housing Associations and ome Adaptations: Making it work smoothly

Do you ensure that all residents have equal access to home adaptations, regardless of tenure? 

This does not necessarily mean that all adaptations are processed in exactly the same way but should mean the same outcomes are achieved in the same timescales regardless of the tenure of the property.