The Disabled Facilities Grant is often criticised for being slow and bureaucratic. The current guidance suggests that urgent adaptations should be completed in 55 working days (11 weeks) and non-urgent within 150 working days (30 weeks). Both should include the whole process from initial inquiry through to completion. In many areas these targets are not consistently achieved meaning delays, frustration and, in some case, a fall or other injury that could have been prevented. 

Do you publish expected timescales as part of their service standards, and monitor and report on their actual performance? 

Walsall DFG Timescales 

To start showing the true impact that home adaptations have for health and social care it will be important to link DFG data. The NHS and social care use the NHS Number of patients/service users and this should be extended to housing interventions including adaptations. Where care assessments are held on separate systems to DFG applications this would also allow the start to finish times to be measured. 

Do you record the NHS Number with every DFG Enquiry/Referral? 

If you have robust data recording, you can then start to plan how you will improve. Benchmarking is a tried and trusted method of comparing your own performance to others to identify areas for improvement and also share learning and best practice. 

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Warwickshire HEART Business Case