Value for Money

The Disabled Facilities Grant is public money which must be spent wisely. But this does not simply mean driving down costs to deliver the cheapest possible adaptations. It also requires an understanding of the comparative costs of health and social care services and the social value of the adaptations you deliver. 

Do you understand and measure the Social Value of adaptations? 

Social Return on Investment of Adaptations

HACT Social Value Tool

Disabled Facilities Grant programmes often provide work for small local builders and play an important role in supporting employment in that sector. However, in many areas the procurement process involves traditional tender processes that are inefficient and create often unnecessary delay. 

Framework agreements can be used to order standard items like stairlifts and through floor lifts without having to seek multiple quotations each time. This approach can significantly decrease fitting times and also allows for systematic recycling and refurbishment of lifts. 

Online systems are available which allow small builders to pre-price standard adaptations like shower rooms or ramps. A technical officer can then pick the appropriate items for each job and create instant quotations from all the builders on the list. Another click and the job is awarded. 

Do you have an efficient and timely process for pricing and ordering adaptations?

Procurement for Housing Adaptations Framework / Stairlift guide

DFG Tenders link

Newcastle DFG Protocol – framework and stairlift recycling