Reviewing the Disabled Facilities Grant Programme (2005) ODPM, DH, DfES 

This is a comprehensive analysis of the delivery of the DFG system setting out options for change and improvement. (Short summary)

Home Adaptations for Disabled People: A detailed guide to related legislation, guidance and good practice (Published 2013, updated 2015)

Published by the Home Adaptations Consortium, this sets out the legislation, guidance and good practice concerning DFG in great detail. Updated to incorporate the Care Act 2014 and related Guidance & Regulations. The last pages include many key references and documents about DFG and adaptations legislation, research and good practice.

Care Act 2014: Disabled Facilities Grant - A guidance for occupational therapists. This guide developed by the College of OTs aims to assist occupational therapy practitioners, commissioners and others within the health and social care workforce to understand and deliver some of the key concepts and duties within the Act.

English Housing Survey - Adaptations and Accessibility Report, 2014-15 - This report covers the circumstances of households that had a person/s with a long-term limiting illness or disability that required them to have adaptations in their home, including whether these households had the adaptation they require and the suitability of their home. 

This briefing from Habinteg explains recent changes to the ways in which DFG funding is being organised. It also presents evidence on the inaccessible nature of much of the existing housing stock, why housing adaptations are therefore so often needed and the vital importance of continued DFG funding to support disabled people to live independently.

Disabled Children: A Legal Handbook is an authoritative yet accessible guide to the legal rights of disabled children and their families in England and Wales. The authors expertly navigate the many, often overlapping, sources of law, explaining the difference between what public bodies must do to support disabled children and that which they may do. 

Care & Repair England has also published a Briefing which explains the changes, clarifies responsibilities and highlights opportunities for integration now that the DFG funding is paid to local councils through the Better Care Fund.

Home Adaptations, Integration and the Care Act explains the connections between the Care Act 2014 and the provision of help with home adaptations, particularly DFGs, noting opportunities for integration.

Provision of help home adaptations for disabled people in England briefing July 2015 This briefing gives an overview of the national DFG system of help with home adaptations for those new to the field.

Innovation in home adaptations – a fresh chance This report was produced by Care and Repair England with the support of Public Health England. Its purpose is to explain the new conditions with regard to the Better Care Fund 2016-17, the substantial increase in funding for home adaptations and related opportunities to improve integration and meet performance targets, particularly reducing delayed transfers of care.

Home adaptations: the Care Act 2014 and related provision across the United Kingdom. This briefing from the College of Occupational Therapists outlines the effect of the Care Act 2014 on the provision of home adaptations for adults in England. It also outlines broadly the comparable position, under different legislation, for adults in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Disabled adaptations in leasehold flats and common parts - This Commons Library paper provides an outline of the legal position of long leaseholders in blocks of flats in England and Wales who require adaptations to enable access into and around their homes. The paper also covers issues with securing disabled adaptations in the common parts of residential buildings, such as stairways.

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