DFG Analytics


The Chancellor announced at the 2015 spending round that up to £500 million of capital funding is being made available by 2019/20 for the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) as part of the Better Care Fund. The Department of Communities and Local Government has recently announced an allocation of £431 million to local authorities in England for 2017/18. That announcement included reference to Foundations, and our offer to support local authorities on the efficient delivery of home adaptations.

Foundations are developing a number of tools to support the better delivery of home adaptations, and in partnership with i4H (social housing analytics specialists) are launching a brand new DFG Analytics and peer comparison service.

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Key Benefits

  • Current, trend and forecast data
  • Analysis of cost, completions and outcomes of DFGs
  • Annual Report
  • Unique scoring system
  • New social value measures
  • Comprehensive online comparison tool
  • Learning and innovation clubs
  • Commitment to continuous development and enhancements
  • Members will be offered a free audit of their existing DFG procedures from Foundations.


The Needs


DFG Analytics

To deliver an increasing capital programme without additional revenue to support delivery

Introduce new ways of working and integrate provision of wider home adaptations

Understand how you compare with others, learn from their approach and measure your improvement over time

To show the impact of home adaptations and the benefits for health and social care

Understand what works and how to measure it. Calculate the social value created including saving for health and social care

DFG Analytics will incorporate new social value data currently being developed by HACT and Foundations

To demonstrate compliance with legislation, regulations and good practice.

Collect performance data and compare with good practice, past performance and peers

The tool will incorporate cost, timescales, outcomes and social value data

Best use of funding to meet the needs of an ageing population

Develop policies that allow you to use DFG funding flexibly to meet the needs within your locality

Understand how other use their discretion and what works

Greater focus on adaptations to offer choice for older people to enable them to live in their own homes

Increase marketing and benefit analysis of home adaptations

DFG analytics will provide data and identify top performers using an online tool, annual report and Learning and Innovation clubs


Join now from £1,250 per local authority area (with discounts available for multiple districts)