As many FCM customers will know, we’ve been improving our implementation procedures, and one of the aspects we are now placing greater emphasis on is systems analysis. Now the term “systems analysis” can seem a little like management jargon, but in reality, all it means is looking at your system in more details – granular detail in fact!

One of the great strengths of FCM is the fact that it can be tailored very specifically to your own individual needs, which is very good, but it’s often only as good as the operational processes it mirrors. Indeed, if your service has a particularly convoluted or even illogical set of processes, you’re only going to build those idiosyncrasies into your FCM system!

As such we’ve recently taken a new approach to FCM implementation where we actually separate the systems analysis work right up front, before we even consider building you a FCM system. I’d argue that even if you didn’t want a FCM system, the business of taking a microscope to your business processes would be valuable in itself.

If you want to discuss your requirements in this area, please get in touch.