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Foundations Case Manager

Foundations Case Manager (FCM) is a versatile, web-based, case management solution that can be embedded within your day-to-day working processes and utilised partially or fully in order to improve overall timescales and ensure data recording/reporting needs are met.

The system incorporates any number of core workflow processes with custom fields, case actions, appointment booking/handling and management, document management and report creation/generation within a permission controlled environment. Foundations Case Manager allows users to choose a unique package of the core system and additional modules, allowing bespoke and unique case management solutions for a wide range of organisations and services.

Foundations will continue the development of both FCM standard features and additional modules, as these will further enable users to customise the system to meet their needs. A fully integrated user interface allows for continued configuration as your needs change.

FCM - Case Studies

  • "The team at Foundations are fantastic! The implementation was well planned and clear, we were kept informed of what was happening and what was expected of us every step of the way. The more we found out about what HIA Case Manager can do, the more pleased we were that we had chosen it. The database has been configured to meet our needs, it is easy to navigate and staff find it very straight forward to use.

    The ongoing support has been great, nothing is too much trouble and no question is too big or too small for the team. The database has been configured to meet our needs, it is easy to navigate and staff find it very straight forward to use. As a relatively new HIA our service is growing rapidly and we are confident that HIA Case Manager will be able to fully support us on our journey."

    Debbie Summersgill, Operations and Services Manager, Care Network

  • "The implementation process of HIA Case Manager was very professional and the support we received from Foundations in the initial set up and maintenance of the new system was exceptional.

    We are in the process of implementing an internal transformation programme which as a preliminary measure will allow further integration between our Case Manager system and our internal Outlook calendars. As we look at future support systems we will have no hesitation in reviewing those offered by Foundations due to the fact we have found the installation, support and guidance provided invaluable."

    Carol Smith, Office Manager; Adaptations Team, Southend-on-Sea BC

  • "Our service, Preston Care & Repair, had used HIA Case Manager as our Case Management database for some time and while it allowed us to capture the majority of information we required we were aware that we weren’t utilising all of the functionality available to us and that we needed to develop more robust reports from system to better highlight the complex work we do.

    To this end we decided to engage with the current database marketplace as well as with other HIA Services to compare what systems might be available to us. We explored a wide range of solutions from bespoke in-house databases, Microsoft ACCESS and other 3rd party software (such as Charity Log) however we felt these did not meet our need due to various issues including: Lack of required detail, limited access for multiple Users at the same time and annual maintenance costs following set up.

    After this exercise we engaged with the HIA Case Manager Support team who arranged a face to face meeting with us, answered our questions, assessed our needs and worked with us to put together an outline of our requirements. The configured system has now gone live and this includes: custom fields and actions that are unique to us, a bespoke job sheet and a new suite of reports that allow us to report in a more structured way. The main benefit we see with HIA Case Manager is its ability to be tailored to meet our individual need and the fact that it is a modular system allows our requirements to be scaled as our Service grows – for example the Mobile Working Application is something we are very interested in for the future as this will allow us to explore having a paperless service in order to save time for staff and general service costs."

    Laura Holmes, Project and Development Officer, Preston Care and Repair

  • Derbyshire County Council purchased HIA Case Manager to support the delivery of a countywide Handyperson service. The service is run by a network of providers including Metropolitan Housing Association. The driver for Derbyshire County was that they could then monitor and track all Handyperson jobs in the County and have easy access to performance indicators and quality. The model works for providers as they have access to the HIA Case Manager system to aid efficiently workflow planning and appointment management.

    Due to the multiplicity of providers, in many cases, due to the process driven nature of the system, all work has been streamlined and their overall process has been made more efficient with direct referrals internally and to external providers.

    “The Case Manager system has now been fully implemented across the network of providers who deliver the Handy Van service across Derbyshire. The system has been adapted to fully meet the requirements of the systems and working practices that are in place across the county. As the system has been implemented, small changes/improvements have been made as they have been identified by operational staff who use the system on a daily basis. Initial feedback from operational staff has been very positive with many staff stating that this system is a huge improvement on the old FEMIS system. The main reasons for this are the ease of use and the reduced levels of data entry that have been delivered by the system.”

    Louise Cope, Contracts Manager in Adult Care in Derbyshire

  • "Our service, Revival HIA, has been using HIA Case Manager for almost 5 years. We have found the system provides a great level of case management information and is an informed management tool for our business demands.

    HIA Case Manager offers a high level of customisation for multiple workflows, quickly and efficiently, whilst providing individual action type customisation for different user roles. This enables a tailored solution that captures our procedures very accurately. What we would like to see more of is better integration between the advanced back-end features and the user interface front-end and this is something we have fed back into the development cycle of the system.

    The system provides access to versatile actions that capture information which feeds into reports, Dashboards and potential Mobile Working, the desired use of which we are currently mapping. It also provides wide coverage of core financial functions which enables a full quoting end-to-end solution.

    In the future we will be looking at adding other modules to the system:

    - Mobile App: this would enable capturing electronic signatures in the field, as well as assessments and questionnaires that would potentially lead to paperless working

    - Report Scheduling: this would enable reports to be run and deposited in a regular location, as well as reports overwrite or incremental file save

    - Custom Dashboard: this would enable an increased level and targeted management information."

    Judith Bloor, Revival Business Analyst, Revival HIA

  • Working closely with Care & Repair Worcestershire, the HIA Case Manager team have developed a fully paperless and mobile working DFG application. The process enables HIA workers to capture all required application data within the system’s mobile application; this includes financial and applicant details, photos, and relevant signatures. The process culminates in the generation of relevant DFG documentation and certificates, including the DFG application form, directly from Case Manager. The application form has also been improved: it has been reduced from eighteen plus pages to just three and includes all company branding. The Local Authority can then be alerted that the case is ready for approval and can access the record to review and approve the grant without having to transfer any paper files.

    This process has already sped up the approval process considerably. With the introduction of the paperless application, the HIA hopes to make the process more efficient and secure, with no personal client data ever leaving the system or being held in paper format.

    Kate Curran from Care and Repair Worcestershire said: “We were already attaching applications onto Case Manager and submitting them to the LA via actions, but we wanted to remove the need for paper form filling and the duplication of information across the various raft of application documents.

    Foundations were unerringly helpful and supportive to us in working out what we had to do to reach our goal. They really understood our services, listened to our requirements and were able to explain how this could be achieved. We experienced some technical challenges along the way in creating the forms and publishing them to PDF, but we were able to resolve these either via creative thinking or by Foundations working with the developers to modify Case Manager functions. The benefits of the new process are already evident and we are looking forward to realising the full extent of the new processes over the coming months.

    Foundations provided a great service and enabled us to move forward with a paperless, more efficient and customer friendly process. We could not have achieved our goals without them.”

    Judith Bloor, Revival Business Analyst, Revival HIA

Additional Modules

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Address look-up

This is a utility which links the Case Manager system into a national address database and allows full or partial addresses to be looked up and automatically inputted. The module can break down addresses to ward level.

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Case reviews

This module builds on existing workflows to provide an in-depth review of cases which can be triggered manually, or through an automated process, to ensure good quality service.

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This module has been built with a typical handyperson service in mind and offers specifically tailored: workflows, case types, documents and reporting capabilities to provide full support to any agencies operating a handyperson service.

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Income maximisation

This module has been built specifically for advisors providing welfare benefit and debt advice to clients, allowing capturing of important data and specific related reporting tools.

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Mobile app

The latest addition to the ever increasing range of modules available in Case Manager is the Mobile working module which can enable your staff to access Case Manager, both online and offline, on an android phone or tablet device whilst in the field. The Mobile App provides fast and intuitive access to case and client information as well as a range of useful tools, such as assessment completion, signature capture, custom field completion and satellite navigation.

The new Mobile working module will benefit any staff working in the field. The module provides live synchronisation to your system if an internet connection is available. Alternatively the app can be used for offline working through a built-in cache that automatically updates the main Case Manager system as soon as the internet connection is restored. This will clearly benefit agencies that are working in rural settings or operate in large areas where internet connections can be unreliable. Watch a video demonstration of the Mobile working app.

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Outlook/Exchange integration

This module integrates the working diary within Foundations Case Manager with your Microsoft Exchange diary to allow easier appointment handling and booking.

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Stock control module (in development)

We are currently in the process of developing a stock control module to meet the needs of the HIA sector. As this is in development we would welcome any input from both users and non-users. If you would like to arrange a follow-up session, please contact the Foundations Case Manager Team

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SMS/Texting module

This module allows SMS updates to be sent to clients directly from the system, including appointment reminders, important information updates and requests for information.

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Telephony integration

Upon answering the telephone, the new case screen can be launched with the inclusion of a “screen pop” detailing information about the inbound call, allowing you to manage customer contact both quickly and efficiently. The telephone number is automatically filled and the system will search for associated details.

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Optional time recording module

This module allows the user to define where time has been allocated, independently of time spent against cases or case actions. Users can also view time recorded on each day to ensure full working day is allocated.

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Optional 'involvements' module

The module allows users to define multiple third party organisations and define what their involvement is with each case (e.g – where, when and how an organisation has supported a customer). This module also allows users to involve multiple people, such as: next of kin, preferred contact etc, across multiple cases belonging to the same client.

Step-by-step user guide

The updated version of the Foundations Case Manager User Guide presents step-by-step information on utilising Foundations Case Manager modules and related features.

How to use the guide

The guide starts with an interactive contents page which allows you to quickly navigate to your desired place within the document. By holding ‘Ctrl’ on your keyboard and clicking one of the headings it will take you straight to that page. You can also use the search function and look up key words, such as ‘tabular report’ or ‘case details’. The search function can be accessed by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and then ‘F’.

What’s new

The FCM User Guide contains detailed information on the most basic features through to the more complex processes. Some of these include an overview of the dashboards, information on the Work tasks e.g. Awarding Contractors, how to create Tabular reports yourself and a whole host of other topics.

If you require any help whilst looking through the document, or you just have a general question, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to FCMHelpdesk@foundations.uk.com or calling 0300 124 0315.