Should I Stay?

If you ask them, most people will say that they want to stay in their own home. For many that will be their best option but for others, you may wonder. Even where there is a willingness to discuss moving options, how do you compare and contrast what's available?

With funding from Taylor Wimpey, we've developed the 'Should I Stay?' decision-maker.

It's based on a Pugh Decision Matrix and helps you to consider a range of options based on a set of weighted criteria. The criteria we've selected are drawn from research on the main factors driving decisions to move by older people.


The decision-maker asks your client to score between 0 and 10 how important each of the following are:

  1. How close you will live to family
  2. How close you will live to friends
  3. The weekly cost of living
  4. How much equity you will have in your home
  5. How difficult it will be to move
  6. How much control you will have over how you live your life
  7. How proud you will be of your home
  8. How close you will live to shops and services
  9. How suitable your home will be as you get older
  10. How well you will be able to manage repairs and maintenance

For each of these criteria, your client then thinks about whether it will be better, worse or the same as where they live now. When they've finished the decision-maker will reveal the best decision for them.

Please feel free to test the decision-maker - and let us know how well it works. Email:

Should I Stay Decision Maker

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