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12/12/2023 - 15/12/2023



HHSRS Competency Course

Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) Competency Course

HHSRS is a risk-based evaluation tool used by local authorities to assess potential hazards in rented properties, such as dampness, excess cold, electrical faults, fire and falls.

As a housing or property-related professional, you are responsible for driving up standards by assessing health and safety in rented homes. Ensure tenants live in safe and secure properties and help improve conditions.

This competency course consists of 3 x 2 hours sessions across the week commencing, during which you will cover HHSRS: Principles, Practice and Assessment. 

Session 1: Tue 12th December 2023 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Session 2: Thur 14th December 2023 09:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Session 3: Fri 15th December 2023 09:30 AM – 11:30 AM

You must also conduct 6 hours of personal study using HHSRS: Operating Guidance and HHSRS: Worked Examples Version 2.

You will submit HHSRS assessments carried out for three hazards.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Professional Competence.

Materials provided by the trainer.

Trainer: Gordon Hinchcliffe MBA

Your trainer is Gordon Hinchcliffe, who co-developed the course in 2006 and has since delivered it to local authorities, housing associations, landlords and other property-related professionals.

Throughout his career, his core expertise has been learning and development as a lecturer in further and higher education and as a learning and development consultant in the private sector. His knowledge of the housing sector was developed during his 13 years at CEL where he was initially employed to develop training programmes for the social housing sector, but which quickly expanded into a wide range of senior roles within the Foundations contract.

In 2006, Foundations were asked by the (then) Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to develop a training course to introduce the HHSRS to the home improvement agency sector. Gordon and three colleagues from the Foundations team developed a one-day training course delivered to over 500 people over six weeks. From that point, the HHSRS course became the best-selling in the Foundations training programme for the rest of the decade. After leaving Foundations in 2010, Gordon continued to deliver the HHSRS training for Foundations on an associate basis. Around seventeen years after developing the course, he has successfully trained countless delegates from local authorities, housing associations and numerous other housing-related organisations in the HHSRS.

Gordon’s in-depth understanding of the subject and ability to make the learning process enjoyable and effective makes our HHSRS training hard to beat. Past delegates have described it as ‘the best HHSRS training available.’

Recent feedback:

“You did a superb job of teaching the HHSRS course, and I would recommend it to anyone. You turned a complex and potentially confusing subject into a clear, concise, and easily understood series of steps which most people could understand. Loved it.”


Since HHSRS was first introduced in 2006, Foundations have delivered training that has resulted in thousands of successful outcomes. Clients come from various organisations and professions within the housing sector, including home improvement agencies, local authorities, social housing providers, Property Redress Scheme (PRS) agents, and landlord representation groups.

Our approach to HHSRS training is to provide delegates with the skills, knowledge and understanding to use the HHSRS methodology to produce sufficiently robust assessments for enforcement purposes. This is achieved by:

  • Theoretical and practical input.
  • A programme of self-development undertaken by the delegate, including carrying out HHSRS assessments on properties encountered during their work activities.
  • Delegates will receive comprehensive feedback on their HHSRS assessments around four weeks later.
  • Where a delegate has met the required standards of HHSRS assessment, they will be
    awarded a Certificate of Competence by Foundations. If the required standards are not met, submitting the assessment and receiving feedback may be repeated until competence is achieved.

Please note that if you would like to pay for this course by invoice, you need to contact Sophie Dranfield at [email protected]