Move Rather than Stay Put

For many people their existing home simply no longer answers their needs. The housing stock in England is relatively old and many older properties cannot be adapted or are difficult and costly to maintain and repair. For many, their family home in older age may simply become too much or too far away from family or people of like mind. As a result some 50,000 people over the age of 65 move every year.

There are also drivers for policy makers in ensuring older and disabled people are enabled to move to specialist and appropriate homes as needs change.

  • Helping people move will address health and wellbeing risks associated with falls, poor housing and isolation
  • It may address failures in our ‘broken housing market’ by freeing family homes.
  • It will support Extra Care and Housing with Support strategies and schemes developed by local authorities and Registered Providers.

Foundations in Partnership with Taylor Wimpey have funded two pilot projects to help people move on the bases of the Move On briefing paper published in 2019. Findings and learning will follow shortly.

Read ‘From Staying put to Moving on’ the Move on Paper (opens a new window)