Working With Contractors

However hard we work at supporting our clients, in most cases we’re judged on the end product: the standard of the repair, improvement or adaptation, and that largely comes down to the quality of the contractors that you work with. They’re an essential part of the process but sometimes their importance is neglected, and unsurprisingly they then go to ply their trade elsewhere. This means that many agencies become over-reliant on a very small pool of contractors and all the risks that entails.


Accredited contractor lists

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Frameworks and schedules of rates

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Building works contracts

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Supervising works on site

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Modern methods of construction

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Speak to our Regional Advisors

Our team of Regional Advisors are at the heart of what we do – providing advice and support to Local Authorities and Home Improvement Agencies. And because we’re funded by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities our everyday support is free of charge.

Whether it’s a question about the DFG legislation, you need advice on how to commission a HIA or anything in between – we’re here to help.