Making the most out of contacting Foundations

Whenever I have a problem with my energy suppliers, bank or absolutely anything that involves contacting my local authority, I dread having to pick up the phone and call them! Firstly, I have the problem of even finding a number to call them on? My bank doesn’t even publish one, so I’m forced to go through a bot-driven conversation, where the bot eventually runs out of patience with me, and reluctantly agrees to let me speak with a human operator. I guess this is the nature of the modern world, and we at Foundations are no different. We have bot functionality on our website, but at least we do publish our main number on the first page of our website 0300 124 0315. But we at Foundations try to make our information as easy to obtain from our website as possible. If you’ve not checked it out recently go to www.foundations.uk.com and have a browse.

Foundations is made up of many different aspects, and we have many different “customers” each with very specific information requirements, and it can sometimes be challenging to meet all their need, without causing confusion. For example, we have lots of communications from members of the public seeking advice on support available in their area. We have communications from local authority staff seeking advice on adaptations delivery, and strategic planners hoping to get a handle on future direction of travel for adaptations service. We also have lots of contact from Home Improvement Agencies, seeking help with all manner of things from training, business development support and our software services.

Whilst we do our very best to be as responsive to our customer needs as possible, there will be times when we’ll struggle, and you may find yourself “hanging on the telephone”, so my tip for you is to get yourself familiar with our website, as much of the information you may need is available there. Also find out who your local regional advisor is, and send them an email. They may not be able to respond immediately, but even if they can’t help directly themselves, they’ll know who can.